Music - Trombone

I started playing music at the age of about eight at the recorder (a basic wooden flute). Next, I played the baritone for a few years. After doing my exams at B-level (29th of June 1996), I switched to playing the trombone.

For a while, I continued playing both the baritone and the trombone, until I did my exams at B-level at the 26th June 1999. At the 30th of June 2001 I succeeded doing my trombone exams at D-level (highest level for amateurs) with an average grade of 7,4 (out of 10).

Currently, I play this wonderful Bach Stradivarius 42G:

I'm a member of the following groups / orchestra's:

And I've been a member of:

I've also been helping some orchestra's as a guest player.

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