From 1999 until 2000 I was the chairman of the Dutch e-zine called SupportZine. This e-zine helped our subscribers with various computer related problems. The answers and some other articles were published in the e-zine, which appeared once every two weeks.

Before being the chairman, I've been a normal member of the crew since 1998. Sadly, the organization FIST - which hosted SupportZine - went dead out of the blue and we couldn't access the membership lists or anything related from that moment on. So, our e-zine vanished from the Internet.

Unfortunately, I haven't got an archive of this e-zine. Fortunately however, it has been archived by the great website Our websites used to be reached at either (via or (via Please have a look at either or both of these hyperlinks. Here you can see some of the former e-zine. Please note the domain has later been claimed by others. So, don't associate anything you find on the two links to to me, as soon as it dates beyond the year 2000.

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