Master in Business Administration

At the 8th of November 2007 I received my degree of Master in Business Administration (recognition: Bene Meritum)

A few days earlier I had to publicly present the results and conclusion of my research (15 mintues) and defend the entire thesis to the exam committee: ir. P.P.W.M. Hoeken and dr. D.J. Vriens (45 minutes).

Below you can see the list of courses I've done for my master. You can find the (official) Dutch name of the course between brackets.

Course Examination date Result Amount of credits
Organizations and Knowledge 10th of November 2006 8.0 6
Organization Learning & Business Intelligence 29th of January 2007 7.0 6
Interventions in knowledge management related matters
(Interventies tbv kennisvraagstukken)
31th of January 2007 8.0 6
Analysis of Knowledge Networks 2nd of February 2007 8.0 6
Decision Support and Knowledge Systems
(Decision Support en Kennissystemen)
29th of March 2007 7.0 6
Critical issues of empirical methodology
(Empirisch methodologische kernthema's)
19th of April 2007 9.0 6
Preparation of master thesis
(Voorbereiding masterthesis)
15th of August 2007 8.0 6
Master thesis in business administration
(Scriptie bedrijfswetenschappen)
31th of October 2007 7.5 18
Total: 60 EC
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